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Smart Time Switch

Patent No.: 312074
It enables you to remotely schedule the switching of
your electrical loads and diagnose electrical faults.
A Plug & Play Solution
Simple installation and universal industrial mounting makes sure that the device can fit easily in existing electrical panels.
Astro diagram
Smart Astro Mode
Astro Mode enables the device to adapt intelligently to daily sunset-sunrise time as per geographical location and helps you save energy.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can it be connected to 3-phase System?
What is the load capacity?
Yes. STS and SEM can support 3-phase & single phase load with the following capacity:
Product Capacity
STS-20 20A per phase
STS-60 60A per phase
SEM-20 20A per phase
SEM-60 60A per phase
*STS-X can only be used for controlling purpose.
Can it be used for other than outdoor lighting load?
Yes. STS can be used for controlling electrical loads like Pumps, Air Conditioner, Fountains, High bay lights, Industrial loads, etc. SEM can be used exclusively for monitoring needs.
Can the product work without Internet connectivity?
Yes. The Smart Offline Mode ensures that the product works without internet connectivity. All the configurations are stored in the non-volatile memory. The device logs electrical parameters (Voltage, Current, Power, Energy etc) for the last 30 days of usage.
How many output channels does STS supports?
STS supports two output channels which can be controlled independently. Both channels have contact rating of 10A.
How can I install the device?
The device can be easily mounted on EN 60 715 TH35, TH15 and G32 DIN rails, inside your electrical panels or distribution box (DB). Wall mounting brackets can be provided on request.
Do I need to install software on my PC?
No. It's a cloud based system which doesn't need any on premise Installation The device can be accessed from anywhere through Web App or Mobile App.
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